Electronic Parts Specialists

Meet Our Electronic Parts Specialists

Jennifer Braun - electronic parts specialists

Jennifer Braun, Owner and CEO

Jennifer grew up in Chicago and relocated to Madison in later childhood.  Her biggest influence has been her father who ran and sold a very successful business in Madison.  The company takes its direction from her naturally gifted business mind and acute attention to detail.  When not working on the business Jennifer spends time with her husband Doug, son Jack, daughter Annie and is a USTA State Champion Tennis player.   jennifer@braunec.com 608-338-0082

Doug Braun

Doug Braun, General Manager

Doug has a degree in accounting but much prefers to interact with people versus numbers. Having started in the independent electronics distribution space in 1999, Doug has “been there done that” and understands the real world complexities of the current global components market. Doug lives in Madison with his wife Jennifer and children Jack and Annie. Doug@braunec.com 608-338-0083

Stephanie Schwenn

Stephanie Schwenn, Controller

Stephanie was born and raised in Wisconsin.  She began her carrier as a corporate controller in 1995 with an emphasis in software implementation and conversion.  She has enjoyed raising two children and trains/competes with her dogs in agility and herding.

Steph@braunec.com 608-338-0081

Timothy Rost

Timothy Rost, Logistics Manager

Timothy was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 with a degree in television writing and production. He and his spouse recently relocated to Madison, WI. 

 In his spare time, Tim enjoys jogging, eating, reading, game nights with friends, and spending time with his two dogs.

tim@braunec.com 608-729-7525