Electronic Components Distributor Services

Braun EC provides electronic parts distribution services to meet the needs of our customers by developing strategic partnerships, allowing us to become a turn-key supplier and to integrate with existing manufacturing systems. At Braun Electronic Components, we provide clients with custom-crafted electronic components inventory solutions that can facilitate and reduce the costs of electronic supply chains, fulfill electronic parts and supplies shortages, and manage excess inventories. Whatever the specific needs of your electronic components inventory, Braun EC can help.

Comprehensive Electronic Components Services

Braun EC partners with many of the top vendors of electronic parts and supplies from around the world, allowing us to remedy electronic component shortages just as easily as we can alleviate surplus electronic components, all at the lowest possible cost. Our vast network allows us to create customized OEM and CM electronic parts supply chain solutions, enabling our customers to ship and receive high-quality, rare electronic components that meet stringent industry standards.

We work closely with our selected partners, and through this partnership, we enhance the stability of electronic parts supply chain services, reduce risk, and provide cost savings to our customers. Our services include:


  • Electronic Component Shortage Services: Braun EC fills much-needed shortages of electronic parts and supplies. Whether you are short a few pieces or a few thousand pieces, we can help fill in the gaps for a reasonable cost and in an acceptable amount of time. We have relationships with electronic components distributors around the world, so no matter how far away the parts are, we can get them.
  • Customized Electronic Parts Supply Chain Solutions: Braun EC’s global sourcing solutions allow us to enhance OEM and CM supply chain stability, reduce risk in distribution and quality, and provide cost savings. We offer electronic parts distribution services for companies of all sizes, large and small. We handle the materials management, so our clients can focus on getting their products to market. Our solutions include inventory-holding and scheduled ordering services, if needed, which enable us to secure stock and stagger either a quarterly or monthly roll-out. As a result, customers can reduce annual expenses related to these high volume purchases.
  • Excess Electronic Parts Services: The current economy has made forecasting a challenge. When forecasts shifts and builds change, companies often find themselves overburdened with surplus electronic parts. We have a program that can be tailored to fit our customers’ electronic components inventory needs. We implement our best practices to help customers properly manage a surplus of electronic parts and supplies, enabling them to create additional revenue streams and monetize “deadweight” inventory.
  • Cost Reduction: Whether it’s a customer’s current bill of materials or their highest annual volume parts list, we offer competitive pricing to reduce costs and provide savings to companies by utilizing our extensive network of vendors. Our electronic component supply chain services, specifically our cost reduction services, include eliminating redundancies in the supply chain and leveraging our buying power to create solutions for our clients. We work with our supplier network to match clients with an excess inventory to clients experiencing electronic component shortages, allowing both parties to save time, money, and even space. This cost reduction service is in addition to our inventory holding and scheduled ordering services, all of which give us the means to help companies like yours lower their annual costs.

Ready to find out how we can help your business? Contact Braun EC for questions about our unique, customizable electronic component distribution services or to get started on your solution. In addition, use our electronic component search feature to browse available parts.