Electronics Quality Assurance

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At Braun EC, we understand the needs of OEMs and CMs and the complexities of the current electronic component parts distribution market. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we employ electronics quality assurance procedures and inspection processes comparable to Tier One Manufacturers in order to assure customers that our stock is sound.

All of the electromechanical parts we receive are required to undergo a rigorous amount of internal and external third-party tests, when applicable, to ensure that each of our products is the best quality in the industry. Braun EC’s electronics quality assurance is designed to satisfy and exceed our client’s requirements, as our industry experts closely inspect each order to document and ensure quality management and electronics supply chain integrity.

Braun EC’s employees continually strive to uphold our electronics quality assurance guarantee, allowing us to stand 100% behind every supply chain solution, and our team is always working to improve our innovative quality assurance processes, enabling us to implement quality assurance guarantees into each and every transaction. To learn more about our electronics supply chain integrity, contact our electronic component distributors company online.

Braun EC’s Electronics Quality Assurance Policies

Our electronics quality assurance policies are not simply internal – we allow our clients to inspect all of their electronic component parts orders for up to 10 business days, enabling our customers to make sure that their order is 100 percent in conformance with the P.O. issued. We will never sell a product that does not meet industry standards. Braun EC helps you to sustain your business, one component at a time.

Our electronics quality assurance policies include:

  • Compliance with the ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q9001 (2008) Quality Management System Requirements
  • We practice ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) procedures for the protection of the electromechanical parts, assemblies and equipment.
  • When we do not have needed parts in stock, the same electronics quality assurance procedures are applied to materials sourced through our OEM’s excess material and qualified trading partners.
  • We stand behind our quality systems and guarantee 100% product satisfaction.
  • We do our job to keep e-waste from returning to the market; Braun Electronic Components accepts no counterfeits!
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Whether you’re just down the road or on the other side of the globe, Braun EC provides a vetted community of electronic component parts suppliers and buyers. You’re safe with Braun Electronic Components.

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