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Internal and 3 party testing

ESD Compliant

Braun EC – Your Quality Electronic Components Supplier

Can’t find an obsolete electronic components supplier? Braun Electronic Components, LLC can help you find obscure, obsolete, or hard-to-find electronic components online. Need to clear out excess inventory? We can help you realize a return and free up valuable space. We offer a variety of innovative electronic components solutions, including:

Braun Electronic Components is thorough in each and every exchange, and we provide our customers with as much transparency as possible in each transaction. We only work with trusted vendors and sources, and we subject each electronic component to a variety of internal and external third-party tests to ensure high-quality and genuine, non-counterfeit parts.

Contact a trusted electronic component distributor today. Our team can help you create a customized solution for your electronic component needs.

The Braun EC Satisfaction Guarantee

At Braun EC, we believe that you should be completely satisfied with the parts you receive. For this reason, we allow you to have an inspection period of 10 business days, in which you can examine and test your parts before you pay for your order.

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