Company History

Our Electronic Components Company History

Founded in 2009, Braun EC is an electronic components company that specializes in supplying OEM and CM clients throughout the world with shortage, hard-to-find and obsolete electronic parts.
Although we are a young electronic components company, Doug Braun, our general manager, has an extensive background in obsolete electronic parts distribution and supply chain management. Doug previously founded Falcon Solutions, LLC, growing the business from its inception to become one of the leading national independent distributors before selling his interest in the company in 2005.

As a global supplier with a vast customer base extending across the nation, into Europe and the Pacific Rim, our electronic components company understands the importance of offering exceptional service to our clients, based on the tenets of thoroughness, timeliness, honesty, integrity and stability. Read more about our electronics quality assurance policies to find out why you will always receive high-quality obsolete electronic parts from our network of suppliers.

Contact our team of industry experts by calling (608) 338-0082 to learn more about how we can solve your electronic parts challenges.

Find Obsolete Electronic Parts, Fill Part Shortages or Reduce Supply Chain Costs

Braun EC is a turn-key obsolete electronic parts supplier who can integrate into any existing manufacturing system. Our electronic components company is dedicated to serving the various needs of our customers by developing strategic partnerships to solve challenges such as part shortages, supply chain cost reduction and excess inventory management.

No matter what your electronic parts needs may be, Braun EC can help. We strive to innovate and adapt to changes in technology as we move forward into the 21st century.

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