Electronics Supply Chain Solutions

Braun EC’s electronics supply chain solutions reduce risk and provide cost savings, enabling our clients to receive high-quality electromechanical components at the best price available. Our electronic materials management services include regular communication with our trusted supplier network, facilitating on-time delivery, allowing you to focus on getting your product to market while we solve your materials management challenges. Braun EC’s customized supply chain solutions optimize the entire supply chain, enabling your goods to go where they need to go – efficiently and quickly.

We value transparency in each and every transaction. Therefore, we will keep you as informed as possible during each phase of our electronics supply chain solutions, providing you with the peace-of-mind that your components are where they need to be. We strategically and aggressively pursue materials management solutions between clients with a surplus in electronic components and clients seeking specific electronic parts and supplies to ensure supply chain cost reduction and stability.

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Strategic Electronic Materials Management

Braun EC’s electronic materials management services rely on the tenets of quality, service and value. Our electronics supply chain solutions improve the supply chain visibility, increase the efficiency of collaboration and improve acceleration across the entire supply chain, from vendors to end customers. What’s more, our customized supply chain solutions exceed the demands of our regional and global OEM and CM clients, as we utilize our vast industry knowledge, in tandem with our commitment to 100% client satisfaction, to fulfill any materials management need.

There is not an order too large or too small for us to handle – Braun Electronic Components customizes our materials management services for clients of any size. Our electronics supply chain solutions include our flexible stock-holding and scheduled ordering services, which many of our clients utilize to reduce annual costs.

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