Excess Inventory Management

Braun EC’s customizable excess inventory management services allow you to sell your surplus of electronic components that you no longer need. Whether you have an excess of obsolete electronic components, rare electromechanical components, hard-to-find electronic components, or everyday common parts, our excess inventory solutions can help you turn your excess into cash.

The current economy has made forecasting a challenge – and when forecasts shift and builds change, you may end up with a surplus of electronic components. Our excess inventory management services can help you quickly recover capital. As long as your parts meet industry standards, we can help you sell your excess inventory and clear your shelves.

Braun Electronic Components is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that cares about helping you monetize your surplus of electronic components. Contact our electronic component suppliers company to speak to our experts about distributing your excess electronics inventory.

Customizable Excess Inventory Management Services

Braun EC’s excess inventory management services rely on our wide range of domestic and global resources to help you realize a return on your surplus of electronic components. Because our supplier network is so vast, we are consistently able to find you new avenues with which to sell your excess inventory, enabling us to accept bids from a variety of trusted sources, including our OEM and CM customers, who are in need of products on your distribution list.

We understand that time is of the essence, and that you need to clear your shelves as soon as possible. Therefore, we provide customizable excess inventory solutions, including:

  • Line item excess inventory sales
  • Consignment agreements
  • Distribution list – If you have a distribution list to manage your surplus of electronic components, we ask that you put Braun EC on that list.
  • Lot purchase of your entire excess inventory

Call Braun Electronic Components at (608) 338-0082 to learn how we can help you manage your excess of electronics inventory and realize greater returns. If you have excess inventory to sell, upload your file below.

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