Electronic Supply Chain Shortages: Tips and Solutions

Electronic Supply Chain Shortages: Tips and Solutions

When your company relies on electronic components, a shortage can be an annoyance at best and a business-halting obstacle at worst. Unfortunately, there are few scenarios where an electronic supply chain shortage is only a mere annoyance. More often, it forces production lines to shut down, causing your business to lose money and customers due to delays. So, what can you do to avoid or adapt in times of electronic component shortages? Here are some supply chain tips to help you avoid and get out of these sticky situations.

Be Prepared

Make sure your company has taken measures ahead of time to avoid the potential problems that come with supply chain shortages. It’s good to find alternative suppliers in case your primary supplier cannot provide the components you need. It is also helpful to run through and plan for different scenarios regarding supply and demand to determine your risk and how to mitigate it. This is especially important if you rely on time-sensitive demand opportunities, such as the holiday season or back-to-school, where a shortage might force you to be scrambling to meet or even miss the opportunity.

Don’t Panic

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re facing an electronics supply shortage, rushing into a new deal with an unverified manufacturer can put you further into crisis. You could end up with substandard or even counterfeit parts, and that brings in a whole host of other issues. Keep your head and look at your options carefully before deciding on a new or emergency supplier, if you didn’t have one planned already.

Beware of Counterfeit Parts

Counterfeit parts are any components that are marketed as something other than what they are. So, you could be buying “new” electronic parts only to find that they were actually recycled parts. A company could market low-reliability parts for testing as high-reliability components designed for end use. You could even find yourself with complete fakes, which will most likely be substandard and unreliable.

Whatever the case, be careful to avoid such counterfeits in your search for replacement supplies. You should ask your own questions and do your own research before selecting a new or emergency supplier. Regardless of where you look for your new supplier, definitely start the conversation by asking the right questions:

  • Are you a member of ERAI? Do you report any counterfeits you come across to ERAI?
  • What sort of quality management processes and procedures do you have in place to ensure the quality and authenticity of the components you sell?
  • Do you have warranties, guarantees, or insurance in place to cover you and your clients if there is an instance of counterfeiting that slips through the cracks of those procedures?
  • Do you verify your suppliers? Do they have controls in place to prevent counterfeits from falling through the cracks? How do they ensure a component’s authenticity?

Enlist the Help of Professionals Who Are Experts in Electronic Supply Chain Solutions

Looking for obsolete, hard-to-find, or rare electronic parts when facing a supply chain shortage is no easy undertaking. When you need your components fast (which you probably do), you should talk to and enlist the help of an electronic components supplier. Some of these suppliers specialize in connecting companies facing an electronic supply chain shortage with those who have a surplus of the parts they need.

That’s where companies like Braun EC come in. We offer electronics supply chain solutions – including electronic parts supply shortages and excess inventory management – to help all of our customers with their supply chain needs. And, we make sure the components you get through us go through extensive in-house and external, third-party testing to prevent counterfeit parts from being a problem for you. We are a member of ERAI and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Learn more about why we are a trusted supplier of electronic components, search for the components you’re looking for, or contact us online or by phone at 608-338-0082 if you have any questions.

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