Who Made What When


Did you know these parts are one in the same?

Who Made What When?

In this industry of board level components, mergers and acquisitions are common. Combine this with the sometime blurred relationships between OEM’s, CM’s and distributors and you have a huge, incestuous, fascinating world of chaos. When on the trailing edge of technology, specifically regarding obsolete parts, trying to keep it all straight can be maddening. This is one of the many reasons Braun should play an integrated role in your supply chain.

We are experts in this arena and are here to help. For example, what is currently an approved manufacturer’s device, may have been made by someone else previously, but these parts are one and the same; one was merely produced prior to a merger or acquisition. While confusing, this also allows the thorough and informed obsolete specialist some extra acres of land from which to cultivate solutions. The team at Braun has had great success for our clients, by tracing parts back through multiple manufacturers. Just when you thought all hope was lost, Braun may be able to provide a solid solution in finding your required component.

Today, we are experiencing the single biggest year in change for the industry in at least a decade. A synopsis of what has transpired and been proposed so far in 2015 is below. Braun documents these changes along with dates in our system, so that years down the road we have points of reference for determining legitimate cross branded product.


Contact Braun anytime you may need help in navigating who made what when.

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