Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions for Electronic Parts and Components

BEC’s team of industry experts cares about helping you find a solution to your problem – whether that means locating obsolete electronic parts and components, working to reduce costs in the electronics supply chain, or helping you manage your excess inventory. No matter what your challenge may be, we strive to provide our trusted vendors and valued clients with as much transparency as possible in each transaction. We only work with a network of trusted sources so that you will have what you need, when you need it.

To learn more about the types of innovative electronics supply chain solutions we provide, contact our electronic component suppliers company to speak to our team of experts.

Customized Electronics Supply Chain Solutions

Braun Electronic Components understands that electronics supply chain costs can be very expensive, and we strive to provide our customers with the most cost-effective outcome possible, enabling our clients to obtain or distribute electronic parts and components quickly and easily. Our innovative solutions include:

  • Stock holding and scheduled ordering: Our team can work up a summary quote with per-piece pricing that will reflect the costs of Braun Electronic Components, LLC securing and holding this stock and staggering either a quarterly or monthly roll-out. This electronics supply chain solution releases the stock as needed and invoicing per shipment.

    The goal of this strategy is to provide the high level of quality you expect while reducing your annual expense relative to these high volume/high dollar purchases. If your company would like to order and take delivery of the full quantity quoted in one shipment, there would be available adjustment on the pricing; however, the obvious flexibility and financial advantages of allowing us to hold the secured stock and curtail your cash outlay while maintaining your now reduced overall annual cost has been very attractive to many of our mid-size and larger OEM and CM clients.

  • Daily requirements: Braun does not simply help with shortages. We can review a list of your daily requirements and offer you competitive pricing, just as we do on back-ordered, discontinued and obsolete electronic parts and components.

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