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Trusted Electronic Components Distributor

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified electronic components distributor, Braun EC is committed to customer satisfaction. While we also specialize in customized electronic supply chain solutions and excess inventory management, we care about helping clients find replacement electronic parts of the highest quality and for the best price possible.

BEC’s wide industry reach allows us to manage and compile a list of our trusted vendors, ensuring that all transactions will be safe, secure and reliable. Additionally, we are more than an average electronic components distributor– we want you to be satisfied with the parts you receive. Therefore, we submit all of our electronic components through in-house and external third-party testing, which allows us to apply a rigorous due diligence inspection program prior to client delivery.

Find replacement electronic parts online – view our electronic parts catalogue and search by part number to see if the component you need is in stock.

Find Replacement Electronic Parts

BEC doesn’t just want to help you find replacement electronic parts – we want you to receive high-quality components that have passed industry regulation standards. Therefore, as a leading electronic components distributor, we allow all of our clients to spend at least 10 business days inspecting and testing parts before asking for payment.

We want you to have the peace-of-mind that your order meets industry standards. We will never ship any counterfeit, suspect or unapproved products to our clients. Learn more about the exceptional quality of our electronic component parts.

Questions about how to navigate our electronic parts catalogue? As a premier electronic components distributor, our team can help you find solutions to any challenge. Let us help you find the replacement electronic parts you need, saving you time, energy and money.